Jo McDonald

Artist Statement

Jo McDonald is a designer maker specializing in combining British porcelain with precious metals and stones in a fine jewelery context. 

Using British porcelain Jo reinvents the material to emulate the delicacy and qualities of coral, bone and tusk in bold sculptural forms with crusts of precious metal and jewels. The porcelains chosen are known for their strength, resistance and suitability to be worn, as they are smooth and lightweight.

The jewelery’s inspiration is ‘Art Deco – au sauvage’; combining a 1930’s aesthetic with strong curved shapes in block color with Joan Mirosque expressive line and dot detail.

Jo’s exotic and original jewelry design and commissions for private clients have been inspired by her frequent travels, and recently Jo has been commissioned to design a collection of one-off porcelain pieces for an exclusive store in Madison Avenue, New York. She continues to create jewelery for Madame Tussauds’ figures worldwide.

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