Raissa Bump

Artist Statement

My work is an investigation of patterns, weave structures, architecture and bits of nature. I allude to these explorations without suggesting a literal reference. Front could be back, top could be bottom, what is visible, what is concealed; many layers are parts to a whole. My process allows for me to add and take way, to see, feel, respond, question and remember.

I get clues from the inherent nature of different materials. Using them within the same piece, employing repetition and shifting of scales to highlight these intrinsic qualities. Surfaces reflect light or absorb it…shadows that distort or accentuate.  Various patterns, colors, textures and surface treatments interact; their juxtaposition is key and often surprising. It is a way of organizing thoughts and guiding ones eye throughout a piece. Collage.

What is seen depends on the light, the color the clothing that is being worn, or the mood ones in; there are multiple solutions to the same problem. It is about acknowledging a moment in time. Working with materials in hand, labor, an unfolding of ideas. The act of dressing and adorning. These expressions of nonverbal communication become a record, a reflection. They connect us individually and as a culture with our past and with our future.

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