Seong Jeon Paik

SJ Paik, originally from South Korea, recently completed his MFA degree in the jewelry program at Savannah College of Art and Design. His galaxy-inspired senior thesis collection has already garnered critical acclaim, including a Saul Bell Design Award, an MJSA Vision Award, and a SNAG Educational Endowment Scholarship.  Combining the ancient and modern jewelry techniques of traditional granulation, CAD and laser welding, he creates pieces that represent naturally occurring galaxy forms, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of technical execution and mastery of skill.   Even as an emerging artist, he has been accepted to exhibit at some of the country’s most competitive art shows, a testament to the skill and potential of this talented jeweler.  

Prior to coming to the US, he received his MFA in metalwork from Kookmin University in South Korea where he focused on not only using conventional metalsmithing techniques but also utilizing the computer to create his artworks. He also created public sculptures as well as operating his own studio.  He also taught at three universities for four years.

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