Naomi McIntosh

Naomi McIntosh is a designer/maker with an architectural background who uses jewelry to reveal the landscape of the body. Her dynamic, sculptural and precise pieces in wood, perspex and metal investigate how we perceive the volumes, planes and forms that surround the surface of the skin. Her creations change according to the movement of the body, revealing new spaces, colors and patterns. Naomi juxtaposes architectural methodologies and drawing conventions with the irregular volumes found in drawings of wood and rock formations and contour maps, as well as the contours of the body.  Her process involves hand drawings of the body as well as three-dimensional body scans, laser cutting and steam bending. Naomi studied architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, before earning her Master’s degree in design from Central Saint Martins. 

My works are ‘Wearable Drawings’ and I use planes and lines to suggest forms and capture volumes, transforming 2D surfaces into 3D objects.

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