Daphne Krinos

Artist Statement

Daphne Krinos, born in Greece, currently lives in London. She works with gold & silver, sometimes oxidized black. Daphne is one of Europe’s leading designers, featured on BBC Radio 4’s Kaleidescope, and in the collections of the Crafts Council & British Council, Stafford Art Gallery & Goldsmiths Company as well as many galleries.

“My jewelry is not entirely planned before I start making it. I do not work to detailed drawings;  I need to experiment with the material itself. The starting point is always metal, and it has always been so, during the past twenty or so years. My four year training was very strong on design and this remains the most important thing to me. I would like to think that my jewelry reflects the qualities of the materials I use. I believe that a finished piece should show the processes used to make it; I never over decorate, cover up or try to disguise and alter the texture of the metals I chose to work with.

I look at a great deal of jewelry and metalwork from various periods and cultures, but I wouldn’t place my main influences directly from those. My ideas come from the world around me, especially the part of London I live in:  Numerous buildings under construction or various stages of demolition, all sorts of structures like fences, barriers, gates etc. as well as a great deal many natural forms. Sometimes a design comes after getting a particular stone which is cut in an unusual way or has interesting markings and flaws.  Occasionally it is the colors of gold and certain stones that evoke memories of Greek summers that lead to particular pieces.” 

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