Ayesha Mayadas

Artist Statement

My favorite technique is forging – with a simple hammer and anvil I enjoy taking piece of plain wire or sheet metal and turn it into a three dimensional form. For me, the sense of relaxed precision, tool marks, and rich natural metal colors are what make my work stand out. Someone told me my work has an “eggshell” quality – and I like that idea. Although there is thinness and lightness there is also strength. Stones are sometimes used but rarely become the focal point of the piece.

I started my career as a textile engineer. At the time, jewelry-making was my hobby but my love of it found me enrolling in the Jewelry and Metal Crafts Master’s program at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). I started my own studio in 2000 and began forging vessels of various kinds in copper and silver. After about three years my focus returned to jewelry and I found myself using many of the same forging techniques to make small, wearable sculptures in high karat golds, silver and copper. My latest turn has been to open an atelier and retail jewelry gallery in Englewood, NJ where I can feature my work and the work of other American studio jewelers.

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