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Pleasure, Enjoyment & Delight

In Greek mythology Hedone was the spirit of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. The name was chosen for our gallery because it perfectly describes the feelings beautiful art and design evokes. Great contemporary jewelry design comes in many styles, variations and price ranges, and should be accessible to seasoned collectors and casual admirers alike. The work represented by Hedone is eclectic, ranging from gemstones to fine metals to alternative materials such as rubber, polymer, steel and enamel. They all have a common design aesthetic – unique, bold, fluid and impactful. The pieces are all one-of-a-kind or of limited production.

A key objective of Hedone is to showcase the depth and breadth of talented artists who have a distinctive style, inspired by passion and vision. They create unique works that go beyond the commercial jewelry that is the norm for many consumers. Providing visibility and access to these amazing, creative and talented artists is the mission of Hedone so our customers can indulge in the beauty and delight of extraordinary objects.